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Generally, payment is due at the time of service.  However, if payment at that time will impose a significant financial burden on you, payment arrangements can be made.

Forms of payment include cash, check, money order, Mastercard, and Visa.

Following is a breakdown of costs:


bulletAlcohol Related Assessments - $100.00
bulletDOT Mandated Assessments - $100.00
bulletDrug Related Assessments - $125.00

Counseling:  A sliding fee schedule has been established to assist low income persons.  Following indicates someone at the 100% level.

bulletIndividual Therapy - $100.00/Session
bulletGroup Therapy - $45.00/Session

Educational Programs:

bulletDrinking Driver's School - $110.00
bulletPrime For Life Adult Drug and Alcohol Program - $110.00


bullet1 to 5 Contact Hours - $500.00
bulletOver 5 Contact Hours - $100.00/Hour


bulletUp to 5 hours of research - $625.00
bulletOver 5 hours of research - $125.00/Hour

Expert Court Testimony:

bulletCourt Time - $500.00
bulletTravel Time - $50.00/Hour

Drug Testing:

bulletSet-Up/Consultation - $150.00/Hour
bulletTesting - Determined by Clinical Laboratory based on volume
bulletMonitoring/Reporting - $100.00/Hour


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