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Drinking Driver's School



If you have been arrested for an OWI (Operating While Intoxicated) or have been issued a citation for Zero Tolerance, you are required to complete a 12 hour educational course as mandated by the Iowa Department of Transportation as well as the Code of Iowa.

We use the PRIME FOR LIFE - DRIVING UNIMPAIRED curriculum.  This is the approved curriculum as mandated by the Iowa Department of Public Health, the Iowa Department of Education, and the State of Iowa.

The course is generally offered the 3rd weekend of each month.  Class sessions are from 5:00 pm until 9:00 pm on Friday evening and from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm on Saturday.

Class sizes range from 12 to 18 people.

Call (515) 233-4476 for a registration form and to find out the dates of the next course.

Email for more information:


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