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Q. Who is appropriate for services at your agency?

A. If you have been arrested for a drug or alcohol related offense, you are appropriate for an assessment. If you think that you might have a substance abuse problem or if you are concerned about a family member or a friend, you should call for an appointment.

Q. If I have an assessment, will I automatically need treatment?

A. No! Rients Assessment & Consultation Services, Inc. is dedicated to providing accurate assessments that are specific to the individual needs of the client. There are no treatment "slots" that need to be filled. In fact, the majority of OWI-1st offense and Zero Tolerance clients only require the educational program provided by the Drinking Driver's School.

Q. I have a very hectic work and school schedule. How can I obtain services without having to take more time off?

A. Appointments are scheduled in the evenings after 5:00 pm and on Saturday mornings. This seems to accommodate the schedules of most people. If you need an appointment outside of these times, I'm sure we can make arrangements.

Q. I only want my attorney to know that I was seen. Can I be assured that information will be kept confidential?

A. Quite simply, YES. All substance abuse information is protected by federal confidentiality laws and regulations. Any information about you is kept strictly confidential. The only information that is released is what, and to whom, you specify in writing. There are a couple of exceptions to the federal rules, such as in cases of child abuse reporting, and these can be explained at the time of the client's appointment.


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